Spray Foam Training Canada

Our online training program prepares installers to work as certified polyurethane foam sprayers in Canada. Our spray foam training course covers the theory required for high-quality installations. This online training provides installers with the skills needed to complete the certification exam and field test evaluation.
Spray Foam Training and Certification.

Who is this course for?

New Installers

There is a huge demand for certified spray foam installers. Start your career in this fast-growing industry.

Experienced Installers

Great for the experienced installer that is looking to prepare for the recertification exam.
Whether you are a new or experienced installer, our training partnered with UFC’s ISO 17024 Accredited Certification Program will help you perform at the highest level. We are dedicated to offering the best education and certification program for Canada’s spray foam industry.
Spray Foam Training

Course Curriculum

Frequently asked questions

What does this online course provide?

This online spray foam applicator training program is the first step for the candidate that wishes to become a licensed spray foam applicator in Canada. Upon successful completion of the online training course students must schedule a field test evaluation that includes a written examination. Once you have successfully completed the online training course, field test evaluation and written examination you will be issued a full certification card that is good for 5 years. Please click here for full certification requirements.

What is a Field Test Evaluation?

The field test evaluation process shall confirm the hands-on skills of the candidate. The hands-on evaluation is intended to assess the applicators knowledge and ability to apply, in a practical way, the information presented in this course and will include but will not necessarily be limited to; the ability to perform substrate conditions check, safely startup the proportioner and related equipment ensuring all settings are correct for the environmental conditions, perform the mandatory site testing for adhesion/cohesion, density and record visual observations, and foam application techniques. The field test evaluation is not included in the online training course, contact us to schedule your evaluation.

What is in the Written Examination?

The written examination will be a multiple choice format test evaluating the candidates knowledge and skills in the following areas: Spray foam product knowledge, equipment knowledge, application knowledge, quality control, daily work recording, and identification of sub-standard foam. The written examination is not included in the online training course, contact us to schedule your examination.

How do I complete the Evaluations?

The field test evaluation and written examination may be taken on your job site with your equipment or at our technical training center in Abbotsford, BC in a mock up or simulated setting. After successful completion of this online training course you can schedule a field test evaluation and written examination by contacting us for details.

How long does the certification last?

Once you have successfully completed this online training course, along with the field test evaluation and written examination you will be issued a full certification card that is good for 5 years. The licensed installers certification status will be reviewed  annually to ensure compliance with the Quality Assurance Program. If the Certified Installer has fulfilled all his/her obligations the Certification Card will be re-issued. Once every 5 years the installer must successfully complete and pass a written examination and practical evaluation to maintain certification.

Why do I have to be certified?

The National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and the installation standard for the spray polyurethane foam product, CAN-ULC-S705.2 and CAN/ULC S712.2, mandates that polyurethane foam installers be certified in order to install the product.

Is the certification program accredited?

Certified installers are monitored under a third-party site quality assurance program (SQAP) operated by Urethane Foam Consultants (ISO/IEC 17024 accredited). Urethane Foam Consultants has developed an industry-leading process to ensure installers know, understand and follow best practices and procedures to produce quality insulation in a safe and effective manner.
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